Trump Tax Cuts put the burners under Adelaide Firm's Beer-splaining Video

28 Feb

Adelaide-based professional services firm Johnston Grocke has “gone viral”, thanks to an unexpected boost from US President Donald Trump’s proposed tax cuts.

The business tax specialists used beer to explain the complexities of Australia’s personal taxation system, in a custom YouTube video commissioned back in 2016. The self same script was used in a recent press conference by White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

“We created an animation based on a yarn by an unknown author explaining how our tax system works using the example of 10 men in a bar drinking beer,” explains Adam Grocke, Johnston Grocke’s Business Development Manager.

“Little did we know that 14 months later, Sarah Huckabee Sanders would read out the same story at her press conference announcing Trump’s proposed tax cuts.

“Since then, the traffic has not stopped and the trickle-down effect from 190,000+ views has certainly helped boost our Google rankings,” he said.

Johnston Grocke believes there are businesses leaving South Australia due to the “terms” of business being too harsh – and decided the story-based approach would a better way to explain tax system fundamentals.

“Although the video is focussed on the fairness of the personal tax system, we felt that the message can also apply to businesses that are struggling to grow in Australia and specifically in SA,” says Adam.

“We support businesses to help them manage their growth and financial affairs and we see the movement of too many businesses to other jurisdictions as a result of our less attractive system of fees and taxes.

“The commentary surrounding the video is very passionate and volatile, which is testament to how concerned people are with the current state of our taxation system, especially in relation to fostering business growth and sustainability.

“What we’d dearly love as the outcome from this burst in activity and awareness is that everybody, from workers to business owners to politicians, spends some time to think about how our taxation system is structured and what changes would create a more buoyant environment that shores up South Australia’s economy for the long term,” says Adam.

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When local Adelaide consultancy Johnston Grocke saw a sudden spike in traffic to their innovative video 'taxation explained using beer' -- little did they suspect the cause would be tracked all the way to the White House.
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