Is Pitch Society free?

Your 30 day trial is free to use the online Press Release Distribution, Media Research and Newsroom service. From then on, our members pay a small fee (from just $5.90) to make the online services as affordable as possible for our members (it helps with the admin fees). When you use the richer services such as the Media List Builder, which incorporates more than 2,000 News Categories and tens of thousands of media contacts, the fees are still kept to the minimum. For example, over the course of a month, you could send out 3 pitches (eg, press releases, letters, video) to your media list for around $67 each, as well as posting your pitches online. All your emails are managed for you so it slashes the usual time and cost to set up and send a mailout.

Are there any 'hidden extras' to the advertised pricing?

There are no extra fees for adding images, video or newsrooms – and you can even conduct unlimited Media Searches for the same flat fee. We charge only when you send out a pitch or press release to your Media List. Fees are based on number of Media Categories.

Get started with Pitch Society

Seasoned media professionals and PR novices use Pitch Society to distribute their messages to the right influencers. We offer a suite of services to support you no matter what your level of experience with public relations, social media, and digital marketing. 

It's free to sign up and take a look around - with unlimited media searches (BETA) for a whole month.

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