What is Pitch Society?

Pitch Society is a unique combination of Press Release Distribution, Short News Pitches, Online Newsrooms, Media Lists and Media Profile Search.  It brings many of the features you need for a professional approach to public relations, investor relations and social media services under one umbrella.

Press Release Distribution

Press releases can be distributed online in your brand’s Newsroom, and/or via email.  Use our Media List builder to select the Media Outlets that are most relevant to your news, by Topic, Media Region and Media Type. Included in our lists are major news and trade outlets including Newspapers, Magazines, Newsletters, Blogs, Radio, TV and other electronic and print media.

Short News Pitches

Short News Pitches are direct messages you can send in email letter form to propose a story idea to a journalist or news outlet.  Short pitches are not published online; they are your private conduit to journalists.



Set up one or more Newsrooms for brands you manage.  This gives your brand a professional news image by aggregating your press releases, pitches and news. Your Newsroom makes it easy for you to link directly to stories now and in future, and it makes it easy for journalists and other influencers to search for more information about your brand in a media-friendly way.

Media List Builder

Use our super-efficient Media List Builder to select a list of journalists, producers, programmers and other media professionals related to a Media Outlet in the Region of your choice.

Media Profile Search – BETA*

Search for media professionals according to the information they are publishing in Twitter. This is a new feature which we are consolidating with Media LIsts and Short Pitches to create one of the world’s most effective media research and communication tools.


Get started with Pitch Society

Seasoned media professionals and PR novices use Pitch Society to distribute their messages to the right influencers. We offer a suite of services to support you no matter what your level of experience with public relations, social media, and digital marketing. 

It's free to sign up and take a look around - with unlimited media searches (BETA) for a whole month.

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